Juxtaposed between old world recipes and exciting new flavours, Aleph’s menu will draw inspiration from classic Middle Eastern staples to offer a borderless cuisine experience. At Aleph, dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients from local markets and regional suppliers; relying on BC’s ever changing seasons and making use of the robust Middle Eastern tradition of aromatic spices, vibrant vegetables and, of course, an abundance of olive oil and lemon.

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BRunch & lunch

Served from 10:00am - 2:00pm



Shakshuka is a classic Middle Eastern breakfast dish. Making mouths water with it's spiced, aromatic tomato sauce, organic eggs and fresh herbs. Served with flatbread, hot off the Saj.


Apricot Jam & Thyme

Apricot jam, labneh & thyme topped on fresh sourdough. Canning is no stranger in the Middle East. Many kids remember their grandmother's jars that seemed to never end.



The Pomegranate is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. Eat the seeds, toss in a salad, turn into juice or even molasses. 



Served from 5:00pm - 10:00pm

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