As a new family-owned restaurant, Aleph offers tremendous opportunities for growth. We take an active interest in the professional development of our team members. This personal approach to career development allows our people to feel recognized and rewarded.

We have build an environment that will develop people in all areas of restaurant operations. We recognize that today’s work force expects to be challenged and have opportunities to grow. 

We are looking for individuals that are:

  • Positive with a great work ethic
  • Responsible, punctual, and able to self-supervise
  • Energetic characters that are able to contribute to the success of the team 
  • Flexible, adaptable and comfortable working under pressure

Stay tuned for open positions! But if you'd like to stay on our radar, please write to us below with your desired position, purpose for applying and availability.  

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Share with us which role you are applying for, a little about yourself and why you would like to work at Aleph.

Aleph Eatery | 1889 Powell St. Vancouver, V5L 1H8